"...Corred hacia mi, espiritus de pensamientos asesinos.... Cambiadme de sexo, y desde la punta de los pies a la cabeza, llenadme de la más implacable crueldad..."

martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

No estoy segura de cómo respirar sin ti

   I'm not quite sure if  I'm ready to say goodbye to all we were  
Be with me, stay with me
just for now let the time
decide when I won't need you

My hand searches for your hand
in a dark room
I can't find you
help me
are you looking for me

Can I feel any more
lie to me, I'm fading
I can't drop you, tell me
I don't need you

Etch this into my brain for me
tell me
how its supposed to be where
everything will go
and how 
Y qué haré sin ti a mi lado

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